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The World of Gaming

The world of gaming unites players from across the world. Whether it is online multiplayer games, sports games like the PGA Tour or FIFA, or even online casino games like free slots and blackjack. This is why we are dedicated towards the service of gamers, regardless of what console, platform or gaming genre they prefer, with a focus on golf inspired games. There are many games out there that are about Golf, but without a doubt, none of them is as good or as enjoyable as the PGA Tour Series by EA Sports.

The PGA Golf Tour

The PGA is the organizer of all main professional golf tours that are played mainly by men in North America and the US. It organizes most of the events, and its flagship annual tournaments series, that is entitled the PGA Tour.

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

The PGA Tour series that is developed by EA was released after what seems to have been a gap year in 2014. The new game comes with a new athlete on the cover, Rory McIlroy, a rebuilt gaming engine and a flexible approach to the control system, which is much more flexible when compared to the earlier editions, with a flimsy career mode. The game was released on July 14th of 2015, which coincided with the 2015 Open Championship.

The game was built from the ground up. This is a part the shift to 8th generation consoles. It has used the Frostbite 3 engine that enables it to render ultra-realistic environments as well as golf courses. The game is available for Xbox One and PS4.

The game has new assists, new swing modes and an arcade styled challenge game play mode. It is also the first ever PGA Tour game edition, since 1998, that does not feature Tiger Woods in its name. This makes sense as Rory McIlroy was the number one golf player in the world, at the time of the release of the game.

Golf Themed Free Slots

Due to the popularity of the sport of Golf, even slot gaming developers have adopted the sport to be at the center of many free slots and picked up by several of the best online casinos Australia has. For example, there is Golf Trophy by Play n Go, Hole in One by Amaya Gaming and Golden Tour to mention a few. These have been rated some of the best casino apps for the UK.



  • Improved bounce and roll physics on all courses.
  • Improved flop shot.
  • Addressed issue where ball would roll through the pin instead of colliding with it.
  • Addressed issue with cup lip outs near edge of cup on slower green conditions.
  • Addressed issue that would make pin move to a different location between shots.
  • Addressed shot type switching to custom when aiming left or right.
  • Addressed grass divots showing up when a putter was used off the green.


  • Addressed various Matchmaking stability issues.
  • Addressed various invite stability issues.
  • Addressed issues where opponents were not visible in Online H2H games.
  • Addressed issue where golfer would disappear during the post shot animation in Online H2H games.
  • Addressed an issue where the hole count on a score submission for an online tournament would sometimes become corrupt and enter the score with bad data.
  • Addressed an issue with settings changes made inside of an unranked session would not get synced to all users in the session before the session is started by the host.
  • Addressed issue where user would be loaded into an Online H2H game that was already in progress.
  • Addressed issue where users would load into a beauty cam of Chambers Bay with gameplay in background instead of an actual Online H2H session.
  • Addressed HUD showing E as scores for the host when a user quits and Online H2H game.
  • Addressed issue with stats not tracking properly after a user quits an Online H2H game.
  • Addressed issue that caused user to be returned to main menu after completing an Online Tournament.



  • Made tuning changes to several Night Club challenges.
  • Added notification pop ups to Night Club challenge when equipment or apparel is unlocked via the mode.
  • Addressed long loading times in Night Club challenge golfer select.
  • Addressed stars not tracking properly sometimes in boost menu screen of Night Club Challenge.


  • Updated attributes of licensed golfers based on real world performance.
  • Addressed various audio issues.
  • Addressed some popping issues of golfers, wildlife, crowd, structures and vegetation in beauty and intro cameras.
  • Addressed hair clipping through hats on some created golfer heads and hairstyles.
  • Addressed an issue where VoIP would be heard when it shouldn’t be.
  • Addressed issue with putting mishit on Classic Gameplay Style.
  • Addressed issue with Gameplay Styles being used on guest accounts.